Today’s progress involved several steps in working with the code. Initially, I successfully conducted a count of parameters from the custom dataset, revealing that offense code 3115 was the most common. Subsequently, I endeavored to extract the data associated with offense code 3115 into a new dataset for exclusive analysis using latitude and longitude. Although the creation of the new dataset was successful, I encountered a mismatch issue when plotting the data on the map of Boston, specifically with latitude and longitude parameters. I am actively working to resolve this discrepancy.

In addition to spatial analysis, I aimed to plot offense codes along with their frequencies using matplotlib. Unfortunately, an error message pertaining to an invalid built-in function has surfaced. This is perplexing, considering the success of a similar method on another dataset. I am currently investigating the source of this error and will rectify it to proceed with plotting the graph. Furthermore, I plan to generate a Pareto Curve by the weekend, offering a comprehensive analysis of the dataset.

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