In our investigation into fatal police shootings, we’ve discerned intriguing temporal trends of flee statuses and spatial patterns in Arizona. A monthly breakdown exposed fluctuations in encounters, with distinct patterns for flee statuses categorized as car, foot, not fleeing, and other. Utilizing K-means clustering, we pinpointed three clusters in Arizona, indicating geographical concentrations of shootings. Specifically, Phoenix emerged as a hotspot with 113 incidents, notably more than Tucson’s 51, and far exceeding Mesa, Glendale, and Tempe. Further analysis within Phoenix identified the Chinle Agency in Apache County with a high count of 15 incidents. Addresses like North 20th Street and East Camelback Road also emerged as significant, albeit less frequent, locations. Our next phase will segment data by race to examine disparities within Phoenix, adding depth to our understanding of these fatal interactions. I’m eager to delve into these racial dimensions in our subsequent classes and welcome any insights or queries you might have.

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