Project 2 involves a comprehensive examination of two distinct datasets: “fatal-police-shootings-data” and “fatal-police-shootings-agencies,” each designed to fulfill specific analytical objectives. The first dataset, “fatal-police-shootings-data,” encompasses 19 columns and 8770 rows, spanning from January 2, 2015, to October 7, 2023. It is essential to note the presence of missing values in crucial columns such as threat type, flee status, and location details. Despite these gaps, this dataset offers a wealth of insights into fatal police shootings, encompassing critical aspects like threat levels, weapons involved, demographic information, and more.

On the other hand, the second dataset, “fatal-police-shootings-agencies,” is composed of six columns and 3322 rows. Similar to the first dataset, there are instances of missing data, specifically within the “oricodes” column. This dataset is focused on providing details about law enforcement agencies, encompassing identifiers, names, types, locations, and their roles in fatal police shootings.

To extract meaningful insights and draw informed conclusions, it’s imperative to consider the context and pose specific queries that align with the objectives of the analysis. Both datasets present a valuable opportunity to study and gain a deeper understanding of fatal police shootings, the associated law enforcement agencies, and the intricate interplay of factors involved.

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